Organizing committees

The Symposium Committee is composed of different committees that represent scientific, organizational and gender diversity.

One of the guiding principles of the local organizing committee is to promote diversity by ensuring gender, geographic and ethnic diversity of speakers, and to facilitate the development of students, early-career scientists, and scientists from developing countries.

Sarrah Ben M’Barek

Regional Field Crops Research Center of Béja
CRP-Wheat Septoria Phenoyping Platform

Amor Yahyaoui

CRP-Wheat Septoria Phenoyping Platform

Hichem Ben Salem

The Agricultural Research and Higher Education Institution

Aymen Ben Frija


Sonia Hamza

National Agronomic Institute of Tunisia

Moez Fakhfakh

Comptoir Multiservices Agricoles

Richard Oliver

Curtin University
- Australia

Gert Kema

Wageningen University
- The Netherlands

Timothy Friesen


Eva Stukenbrock

- Kiel (Germany)

Marc-Henri Lebrun

Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique
- France

Steve Goodwin

USDA-ARS, Purdue University

Christina Cowger

USDA-ARS, NC State University

Pawan Kumar Singh


Sarrah Ben M’Barek

Regional Field Crops Research Center of Béja
- Tunisia

James Brown

John Innes Centre
- UK

Amor Yahyaoui


Bruce McDonald

ETH Zurich
- Switzerland

Lise Nistrup Jorgensen

Aarhus University
- Denmark

Ricardo Madariaga

Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias
- Chile

Fiona Doohan

University College Dublin
- Ireland

Michael Baum


Richard Oliver

Curtin University, Australia

Fiona Doohan

UCD, Ireland

Evolutionary biology: Population genetics & diversity

Bruce McDonald (ETH, Switzerland)
Amor Yahyaoui (BTF, Tunisia)


Moncef Harrabi (SOSEM, Tunisia)
Lisen Jorgensen (Aarhus Universitet, Denmark)

Integrated Leaf Blight management

Federic Suffert (INRAE, France)
Sonia Hamza (INAT, Tunisia)

Pathogen genetics and genomics

Daniel Croll (University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland)
Sarrah Ben M'Barek (CRRGC, Tunisia)

Host-pathogen interactions: cell biology and molecular mechanisms of virulence

Sophien Kamoun (The Sainsbury laboratory, UK)
Mohamed Salah Gharbi (TUNIFERT, Tunisia)

Host Resistance: mechanisms, genetics, genomics and breeding

Cyrille Saintenac (INRAE, France)
Kostya Kanyuka (NIAB, UK)

Special Topics

Thierry Marcel (INRAE, France)
Andrea Sanchez Vallet (INIA, Spain)