Alexey Mikaberidze

Lecturer in Crop Protection

Alexey started as a lecturer in crop protection at the University of Reading in September 2019. His main goal is to understand how populations of plant pathogens change in time and space, integrating ecological, epidemiological, evolutionary and more recently socio-economic dynamics over multiple temporal and spatial scales. In his group, large empirical datasets (e.g., phenotypic and genomic) are acquired, and mathematical modeling is combined with machine learning to extract knowledge from data.

Previously, Alexey was a group leader at the ETH Zurich (Switzerland) funded by the prestigious Ambizione fellowship of the Swiss National Science Foundation. His research addressed a range of topics related to septoria tritici blotch (STB) in wheat. His recent research highlights include dissecting the genetic basis of STB resistance using precision phenotyping, discovery of the new component of STB tolerance in wheat, and pioneering hyperspectral reflectance measurements to accurately detect and quantify the disease in the field.