Fernanda Gamba-Fuica

Cereal Plant Pathologist

I am a cereal plant pathologist at the University in Uruguay where I received an engineering diploma in agronomy (1988). In my Master’s thesis, I studied the genetics of host-parasite interactions in tan spot of wheat, under the supervision of Prof. Lakhdar Lamari (1996, U. of Manitoba). I obtained my PhD on studies on the diversity of the main necrotrophic pathogens on wheat and barley Pyrenophora tritici-repentis and Cochliobolus sativus, under Prof. Maria Finckh (2018, U. of Kassel). As part of my job, Iteach three courses in Uruguay and in U. of Kassel and also supervise several undergraduate and graduate students. I consulted to ICARDA in Aleppo and in Rabat. My interest is to characterize fungi populations to contribute to more focused breeding strategies for disease resistance.