Jason Rudd

Plant and fungal molecular biologist/biochemist

Dr Jason Rudd (JR) is a plant and fungal molecular biologist / biochemist and project leader in Zymoseptoria tritici research, within the Wheat Pathogenomics Team at Rothamsted Research (UK). JRs first degree was in Biochemistry from the University of Wales College of Swansea (UK). His interest in cell-cell communication and intracellular signalling led him to initially pursue a PhD and subsequent post-doc on receptor-mediated activation of calcium and protein kinase signalling during the self-incompatibility response of plants (Uni Birmingham, UK). JR subsequently moved to Germany on an EU funded project (at the IPB-Halle, Saale) and studied receptor-mediated recognition of phytopathogen derived elicitors (now known as PAMPs) by plant cells and the subsequent activation of defence signalling. Since 2004, JR and colleagues at Rothamsted have been establishing methods for genomics and gene function analysis in Zymoseptoria tritici, with the overall aim of understanding the core components of virulence on wheat and in identifying new targets for possible future crop protection.