The Symposium Venue

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The Symposium will be held at the Résidence Tunis Hotel in Gammarth.

Located in La Marsa, the symposium Venue is by the sea and overlooks the Gulf of Tunis, within a 15-minute drive of St. Louis Cathedral and Carthage Museum

Adress: BP 697 La Marsa, 2070 Gammarth, Tunisia.


What should we not tell about the long History of Tunisia by visiting this one of the “pearls of the Mediterranean“ Simple answers come to mind: Jugurtha and the Amazigh civilization, the foundation of Carthage (-814 B.C), the Punic wars against Rome, Amilcar in Spain, Hannibal crossing the Alps, Scipio destroying Carthage, (146 B.C), Rome triumphing in Africa, (thus becoming the granary), the Arabs in Ifriquia, the Normans on the coasts, St Louis and his crusade, the Spanish, the corsairs, the immigration of Andalusians rejected by the “Reconquista”, the Ottomans and their Beys, the French colonization, and finally the Republic!

Tunisia is, in fact, a melting pot where various elements have melted to give birth to an original alloy which resembles all its components without identifying only with one of them! That is where the originality of openness lies resulting in adaptability to all situations!

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